7:43 PM Manila

Weird title isn’t it? Well, aside from running out of pretty smart titles to come up with, 7:43 pm is exactly the time I typed this.

I’ve been meaning to update my blog for weeks now and I literaly had to juice myself up to create to some extent.. Oh the things I do and promise to do!!

Anyway, let’s get to the meat.. We’re all looking for something to “complete” us. We have this invicible, insatiable quest to feel complete and whole.. Have we asked ourselves what those things are? We have, we just looked for it from different places. To some extent. We lost identity in the process, we have define who we are from the things people tell us who we are, we have become what the TV is telling us-more of this, and you’d have a better chance at getting more-kind of mentality.  At any rate, we have allowed ourselves to get lost amidst all the chaos this world is offering. Chaos as it may show glits and gold.

We have got to remember who we are, how we are, as we are intended to be. We need to recover what’s lost.. Can we just accept the fact that in this life time, we will always feel pending? Incomplete?

No relationship or material riches can create that sense of completeness/wholeness.. How do we know we are complete? I can’t answer that, i’m in the same condition as you are..



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