madaling araw na at film photography ang nasa isip


I started shooting film a few weeks ago. One roll and yet to load my next one. Exciting kasi ang film. Naiisip mo kung ano ung result, unlike digital, though digital has its obvious advantages, it also falls short on a few things film cameras/photography has and can offer. Nag-bi-build up ung excitement kasi once you start e. I humbly say na I have ways to go pag dating sa film and even with digital, in fact the idea of photography itself. It’s hard to strike a balance between being perceived as an arrogant prick and being humble when I talk about photography. Pag nakikipag usap kasi ako sa mga tao, feeling ko ang dating ko I’m dominating the conversation about it, I hate that about myself. Sa totoo lang passionate lang talaga ako sa photography kaya they can perceive me differently than what I really am. Siguro nga mayabang ako.



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