searching for God

this one’s hard to write, but it’s on its way here.. where is God?i grew up a christian and didn’t have the chance to feel “lost”. so my question is where is God? Is my belief purely based on the idea of G/O/D? I wonder how people just decide so easily “hey atheist ako” or “agnostic ako kasi im not sure of a God’s identity, basta I believe something, i just don’t know who it is”. maybe at one point in their lives, they were at the same spot as iam. never had the chance to question God or am i actually doing that now? so yes, Iam searching for God. I don’t want Him to be just a good idea, a guide, “a safety net just in case he ends up being real”.

God is not insecure whether i believe Him or not. whether I like it or not. as we speak, i can say na i feel better about my faith. why? the fact that im too concerned about Him being real proves one thing, He does exist because we desire to know without anyone telling us. Even the early man, they have that desire to worship something (the sun, or whatever living thing for that matter). we are created for worship.

this is not just an IDEA

read, write and take a photograph






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