night time

ahhh the good feeling of not doing anything!!! i’m sure you all would agree that to a certain level, we all want to be idle for a while, not to quick that we’d soon burn out again, not too long we would bored ourselves to death.. a few things that i did during the weekend, and i want to apologize for not posting for a period of time ( not because you’re waiting for my precious posts, i don’t exercise self love that much believe me, i checked out that room years ago). now, back to what i did during the weekend. i had a photoshoot with people i hardly remember names.that photoshoot was for my facebook group, we call it thecompany, so if you happen to stumble upon us in facebook, i beg you, please, please, don’t force yourself to like us. 🙂 yes we will appreciate it if you do, so please do..enough of that, i’m already babbling.i almost forgot, i arrived home around 5pm and slept for 3 sweet hours.i woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower then went to starbucks with my friends.i had a smashing night with them.

a little sidestep boys and girls, i have no idea how i’m gonna make this post long enough to get you all reading and cursing at the same time, i guess that’s not my gift. a girl asked me once, “you’re so creative, why don’t you publish your thoughts and art?” i had a simple answer, “i’m not ready for that kind of cape”. i’d probably don it one day, now is not that day. i never thought of doing that actually.but hey, that’s a swell idea if you ask me.

so my lovelies, what did you guys do during the weekend, how are you?lovers, friends and enemies?




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