down but not out

Ok, today is nothing but me ranting about random stuff, so bear with my whinning.

1. I had a fight (verbal) with someone who has been a time consumer. I’m nearing my last straw.

2. I am totally disatisfied with my job (mostly with how i am doing not the job itself). I won’t get into details but arggggg!! Maybe because I suck at it.

3. I have money issues. I have been running on fumes for several months now. I’m working for a company that sounded like they’re gonna give me baskets and baskets of money, sad to say, that’s not happening.

4. I would’ve loved to come home everyday, but my room is not very friendly right now. Temperature!! Can someone make it rain?

5. I am single!!! I know, I know, i should just ask someone out but there’s no one to ask, it’s becoming a real source of frustration lately.

6. My creative juices are drying up caused by many things..



thank you./.






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