Monday October 24, 2011

I don’t know what to say, I guess, HELLO!!

yeah! that’s a good start. so today is the 24th, a few more days and my mamu will be celebrating her birthday! we’re not planning any surprise party, nothing like that. simple lang. we’ll visit our relatives down there in Siniloan, Laguna. wala, reconnect lang with them. It’s been a while since we last visited e so i think it would be a superb idea. I’ll bring my camera with me, maglilitrato litrato kami ni Jordan, ang aking nakakabatang kapatid.

a few weeks from now, ikakasal naman ang bestfriend ko na si Joven, so kelangan ko bumili ng sapatos, shux yea sapatos na leather para magmuka naman ako snappy. 🙂 wow 13 years na sila mag on!!

nung isang gabi, kasama ko si Kris, Joven and Jordan. it’s been our thing, every saturday, magkakasama kami sa starbucks hindi para sa coffee (well oo kasma na un), wala gusto lang namin magpahinga magkakasama. sila ang mga matatalik kong kaibigan. this “age 29” subject came up, i think, in some ways, people think we’re close to the age of desp’ration, of course, knowing them, we had a good laugh at it. im 29 and i actually feel excited that i’m advancing in number of years. syempre, one question is, bakit wala pa ako girlfriend. a friend asked me once bakit daw sa lahat ng alam ko gawin sa buhay ay wala pa ako girlfriend. ako mismo di ko alam ang sagot jan.

sabi nila, i should lower down my standard. i say, i don’t have to. lowering my standards mean i’ll get something less than i deserve. i disagree with lowering it down, kasi ibig sabihin, i’ll just snag any girl i think would be an “ok” girlfriend. that’s just hmm waste of my time. i’d rather wait. no need to lower down my standards, pag anjan na sya, regardless of how, who she is, if i like her, i’d go for her. you see, setting your standards is relative. ang ibig ko sabihin ay depende ito sa taste mo. of course, im not going after some anne curtis type, that would just be shooting for the stars. pero kung may nagkamali na mala anne curtis, why not. im just saying, hindi ako desperado para mag settle sa “pwede na”.

sa tingin mo?


2 thoughts on “Monday October 24, 2011

  1. Happy United Nations’ Day!

    Can’t think of any unique (but lame) way to greet you, lol..

    I’m not just making it up, today is United Nations’ Day (my time: it’s 8:00 PM here) I recall my grade school days..each section will be assigned for one country..pupils (as how they’d address us) are required to bring the flag, wear the costume and memorize the old time favorite theme song “It’s A Small World” (believe it or not, I’ve been humming it since morning..and yes, I still remember the tune..if you don’t, think of the official background music in Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines during early 90’s..if this won’t work, try to catch it in google..still not? Sorry, try to find an elementary music teacher..that would be the last resort)..the coolest part is the flag’ve got to submit it atleast on the 23rd, otherwise Teacher will not accept it (which never happens as these are necessary during the parade)..and because I s*_k in Art Class, I had to waste bunches of A4 white paper (say coupon bond, otherwise Manang of sari-sari store will say “we don’t have that”) ..lucky are those who picked Japan or Switzerland, they would just have to cut a big cross or circle (using a stick-o jar cap will do) and paste it at the center..poor are those assigned for Saudi Arabia or Nepal..that would require an Art Angel level of craftsmanship..speaking of Nepal, why the shape?? (let me google it later)..who came up with these shape and what made it accepted..the shape really stands out..would it been a trend those the more peculiar shape it is, the more positive impact in the country’s socio-economic status, about a heart shape flag, or clover, or trapezoid or squid shape one (given that their national sea creature is a squid..national sea creature??)..

    Fine..enough greeting though (that all are just greeting,lol)..more than enough..

    Hope you’re doin’ fine.

    Have a great day Jonas.

  2. darl, it’s nice to hear from you. i don’t know how many hours iam ahead of you, it can be crazy. hey, you made my day, reading your response to my blog entry. napapangiti ako mag isa. in response to your gradeschool art class nostalgia, i remember stuff i did too. i don’t remember united nations day art activity though. i think we had field demonstrations and stuff hmmm i can’t remember. i do remember wearing an ejyptian costume and i hate to say this, i danced to the tune of “walk like an ejyptian”. if you can’t remember, it’s this 80’s hit. the thing is I CAN’T DANCE to save my life. so just imagine how awkward and skinny i was then. diba, the teachers have sick ideas. thank GOd i didn’t have any pictures of that horrible day hahaha!! at least it didn’t add to my already piled up humiliating photos when i was a kid.

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