sleep left me early

Yes it did. I slept at 4:30 am, I was awakened by the extremely cold a/c. I have been a little feverish since monday but I feel better now. so sleep left me early is a fitting title, i slept early, i woke up early.

i have a few activities lined up this weekend, so i’ll update you on that too:

Saturday –

1. photoshoot with Vine Deguzman at 6am, so expect photos

2. Bible study at 7am with rajsh and some friends (I hope they don’t feel their theology is better than mine or the others-this is another topic i’d like to talk about sa ibang entry)

3. SLEEP – that awesome word during the weekend

4. Seminar in the afternoon with my brothers (bro-in-law and Jordan)

5. Hang out with best friends at 8pm – mostly over coffee and some crazy conversation.

Sunday –

1. Church @ 71 – spiritual family hang out, food, word, music, crazy photos, sometimes movie

2. I might go to the mall to buy myself a new pair of sneaks- help me, topman or vans?

3. watch tv, your guess is right, discovery channel  and nat-geo and some Living Asia (tired of channel 2 vs channel 7 network war.

4. read? maybe. Don Miller, remind me, i have to finish reading you..


3 thoughts on “sleep left me early

  1. I’m just amazed at how other christians view themselves as “the way”, how arrogant for them to claim that. good thing about us, we don’t have the “we are better” mentality, and i see we don’t want to have that. Christ likeness requires a lot of humility.maybe i shouldn’t be saying this too. heheheh.. but hey, honestly, when you shared your challenge last saturday, i didn’t think for one bit you have a hint of arrogance in you.

  2. re: when you shared your challenge last saturday, i didn’t think for one bit you have a hint of arrogance in you.

    …hehe, only by God’s grace! maybe bec at that time the Lord was humbling me and He got me on my knees to mourn over my “arrogance”. but yeah, praise His name for He is faithful even in the midst of my failure.

    re: other christians

    …forgive them. it would be the Lord who will deal with them accordingly. at the end of the day it would be between us and the Lord, them and the Lord. 🙂

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