off days, really, off days

I want to start by saying Mondays suck. And most of you will probably agree that to a certain level, we hate mondays. Depends on what kind of job you got. Every person has his/her own “dream jobs”, I’m one of those who are still dreaming of that job. Imagine this: waking up in the morning, preparing your stuff to go to work while eating your toasted bread and coffee, then you look at yourself in the mirror and you can see that visible smile lines. You have your car keys in your pocket, you have everything all set (imagine your dream job here). I got out of my car, went inside this coffee shop to meet my clients (the guys who own GAP or whatever big time company asking for my photography services – ala we talked about ideas for a photoshoot, ideas for their fall series. Most of the ideas are coming from my team. I have a videographer, editor, stylist etc.   zoooom back to reality.. iam now unhappy because that’s not happening yet. Where Iam right now? I’m working in a traditional desk job. Which means, I’m not doing what I really love. It means I have to be grateful because this job is responsible for putting food on my table. It means, I have no choice but to do what I do. So Mondays suck.


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