Reasons to not open your mouth

“It’s not up for a lengthy discussion”-my answer to someone who tried to open his mouth because he just felt like it, because he wants to express himself. Just a few pointers though, I hope he reads this.

1. If nothing that can help will come out of it, I’d rather not hear it- if it’s goal is to add to the burden, don’t let it slip out.

2. If it’s not going to benefit anyone and create animosity, don’t say it. Tame that tongue. They say it’s one destructive force. Being straighforward doesn’t mean you’re going to drag people under the bus just because you feel like it. Last time I checked, freedom of speech comes with responsility. Someone tried to go out of line earlier, I had to restrain myself from verbally retaliating because I can be very good at it. I didn’t need sarcasm from anyone and I’m sure they don’t want mine either. Oooooh they won’t like it.

3. Seriously, if it doesn’t contain anything substantial, don’t just blurt it out unless you’re having fun and you feel like being nonsense is the most appropriate thing to do, go for it. There’s a time to go crazy and be nonsense, surprisingly, that shouldn’t be all the time.

This goes nicely with this:








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