non spiritual thoughts on religion

I opened eyes with my mother and father saying their prayers to a God I have yet to believe. They’ve been bible readers since they were kids. I grew up attending Sunday school, learning the story of Moses and Joseph and of course Jesus. At an early age, I found beauty in Jesus, fascinated by His miracles and His ressurection. Then I grew up. I was never “lost” for the lack of a better word, it felt like growing up with a silver spoon in my mouth. You know, when kids grow up around a well off background, they are hardly aware of the perils of this world and the people in it. Our church would talk and sing about “Iam lost but now I’m found”. I started to wonder what the word lost mean, which part of my brain and my heart would tell me Iam lost. As I continue to grow in knowledge of my religion, I started to question some words we often use as Christians. Saved, found, redeemed, chosen one, Christ’s bride etc. I think religion has skewed our view of spirituality in such a messy way. Religion has been a set of rules we have to live by instead of Christ central message being at it’s core. As a result, we’ve set standards on who to love. I think Jesus meant every word he said, like, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, help the poor and a whole lot more. I think Jesus wants us to love and not set boarders between whites and blacks. I think we need to scrap everything we know about Jesus and start to get to know the real Jesus. Most of us have fashioned him the way we want him to be in our lives. Now I know how it feels to be lost, all the while, i thought I’m alright. 


Jesus loves me this I know for He told me so..


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