So, i’ve been away from this blog

and yes I will try to update more often. the start of the year should be a time to build, rebuild, re-establish, a time to take stock at how the past year have come and go. i will unlearn, re-learn and learn. i will try to love more, not just the lovables but the undesirables too. it will be an interesting 2012.

things i’m going to do, continue doing, do less this year: (no particular order)

1. listen to music, particularly folk rock, the Trent Dabbs kind of thing

2. Read

3. less facebook

4. more tweet and wordpress

5. shoot less but quality shots

6. keep promises

7. procrastinate less

8. work more and have fun doing it

9. have meaningful conversations

10. PRAY and read the bible

11. write

12. travel – this i gotta do this year

13. SAVE money

this is the year i get better..



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