(H)ouse You’re Building

I have not written stuff lately, this blog has been all about photos and randomness. But it’s all good. I’m excited about the coming months; I will be living in with 3 of my friends at work. Art, Misha and Ed, and we have one more guy we’re going to get to know, Ron. I’m sure there will be tough periods; living with 4 different personalities could be hmmm let’s just say, hard work. The idea of being in an intentional community resonates to what my faith journey long for. I think Jesus would’ve to hang with us after a long day and talk about stuff. This is it, the real deal church moments.  

How did Jesus deal with the disciples? He got ticked a couple of times but he loved them anyway. I’d like to have the same grace.

This is the house he is building, come dine with us, have coffee with us, get to Christ in the process.


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