i was helping my brother finish his testimonial for his wedding. he was writing about how and his soon to be wife got to know each other, how they have different personalities but were able to make it work and how at first he was looking for validation anywhere. he ended up hurt and disappointed. i can totally relate to that last part. i don’t know why i end up frustrated with relationships.i feel alone. it felt like im running on’s not afraid to admit that not asking for too much.i just want to have what my brother has, prosperity and love.i feel like the least favorite son of God at this very moment.when i look at myself, all i see is someone who’s really unhappy.i know i can’t depend on anyone to be happy, but we have to at least understand it is important for people to have someone to care for them, think of them, pray for them, value them. i get that from my family and friends but i need someone who does not belong to that circle.adam must’ve felt the same.when is this going to last?when is God going to take a look at me?


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