don’t just

why do i keep on writing? maybe because if i did, i will be able to say what i need and want to not an not one who has an opinion on this day and age where everyone has a say on things, facebook, twitter and all kinds of online avenues, it has become easy for everyone to just say something.a photo can communicate a thousand ideas and everyone’s become a photographer.i guess my point is, things have been watered down and i’m not liking it one bit.we have become borrowers of ideas.when you look at facebook, people posts quotes from great persons like Ernest Hemmingway, Robert Pirsig etc. And i am guilty of doing that not saying it is to be avoided, that’s not it all.i really want to encourage each one of us to come up with original ideas.this generation is watered down generation.let’s recover the sense of valuing art, music, books.we’ve lost that do we start recovering it?don’t just buy in on everything you see and hear.don’t just wear trendy clothes because it’s the new thing in’ll just be one of the girls/boys who wears the same style of original.when you do art, don’t be the “im deep” guy/ simple and humble.remember, there’s always that one person who’s better than you.don’t just buy the latest gadget because you gotta have content.don’t follow trends, start books.listen to good music.try to learn.dont just embrace a certain philosophy.don’t just listen to me, after all, what do i know.



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